MRA Bakery & Restaurant

About us

Over 2000 years of history have shaped the cuisine of the idyllic Indian coastal region of Malabar, once the epicenter of the old spice trade, the settlers from the Arab world, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands all helped create the delicious and unique dishes we see in the modern day state of Kerala.

Mannil Rayroth Abdullla understood his homeland tradition of fusion better than the most. In 1965 he made it his mission to combine the best of Malabar Cuisine with Western style breads and cakes, working day and night to develop new and innovative recipes to the highest culinary. Starting out from a single store, the MRA Bakery quickly spread throughout the entire region.

Building on over 50 years of achieving excellence in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, MRA continued to improve its operating performance and its competitive position in this sector. An extensive review of the company’s organisational structure and business processes in the last couple of years has brought about significant changes in the company’s performance. Innovative strategies were developed and implemented, and our new state-of-the-art production complex started recently to operate.

Since 1965, the company has seen a lot of expansion and change, but the way MRA Bakery and Foods operates is still based on the principles left by Mannil Rayroth Abdullah which emphasize family values and integrate those values into daily operations.

Find a better way

Throughout the company’s history, MRA Bakery & Foods has invented or modified machinery and equipment, improved processes and developed new products. Finding that better way is just one more reason why MRA Bakes are Malabar’s favorite .

Making life’s moments sweeter

Every day, it’s our promise that customers and families around the world can count on us to make life’s moments memorable. MRA Foods is a family company that has been creating high-quality bakery products for 50 years. From innovation to inspiration, the customer count on us to provide high quality products.

With an experienced management team along with a skilled workforce that brings together complementary strengths, we work together towards a clear vision – to be a premier food company, offering superior tasting and high quality baked and ready to eat food products to all customers around us.

Vision Statement

Our VISION is to share joy through our finest culinary treasures and heartfelt hospitality.

Mission Statement

Our concept is about the food and drink of course, but it’s also about our team, our facilities, our practices. We believe it’s about finding a balance, which allows us to be the leading provider of the wide range of delicious foods, beverages & baked product in a convenient, relaxed, friendly environment, that ensures the highest level of quality product.